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Function documentation Activation of Workflow 


Before you can use workflows in the Claims Management system, you must activate them.


You have made the general settings for Workflow System Administration.


To activate the workflow of the Claims Management system,

·  Activate the triggering events

·  Assign the possible agents (=claim handlers)

You need the following information to activate a workflow:

·  Workflows and tasks are assigned to the FS-CM component

·  The relevant workflows have the following IDs:

¡  WS20700070 Process Claim

¡  WS20700071 Process Subclaim

¡  WS20700072 Process Task in Claim

¡  WS20700074 Process Task (incl. Payment Release) in Claim

¡  WS20700077 Process Claim Bundle

¡  WS20700078 Process Task in Claim Bundle

·  The relevant tasks have the following IDs:

¡  TS20700089 Process Claim

¡  TS20700090 Process Subclaim

¡  TS20700091 Process Task in Claim

NoteThere are various tasks for the Process Task (incl. Payment Release) in Claim workflow. You can find more information under Use of Workflow for Payment Release.

¡  TS20700093 Process Claim Bundle

¡  TS20700094 Process Task in Claim Bundle


You can find further information on the procedure under Customizing for Tasks and Workflows.




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