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 General Ledger View for Line Item Display


In the general ledger view, you can display the line items together with the general ledger account assignments ( General Ledger Line Items ) and G/L account line items or document data for one or more G/L accounts.

You can display the following line items in the general ledger view:

  • Open items

  • Cleared items

  • All items

    Note Note

    In the general ledger view, you cannot display any documents that are noted or parked because there are no general ledger line items for these documents.

    End of the note.


In addition to the general functions for displaying line items (see Line Item Display ), the general ledger view also offers the following functions:

  • You can specify the ledger for which you want to display the line items. The line items displayed are combined from the documents in the entry view and the general ledger view .

  • With the custom selections, you can also make selections using general ledger account assignments ( G eneral Ledger Line Items ).


To call line item display in the general ledger view, go to the SAP Easy Access menu, and choose Start of the navigation path Accounting Next navigation stepFinancial Accounting Next navigation stepGeneral Ledger Next navigation stepAccount Next navigation stepDisplay/Change Line Items (New) End of the navigation path .

With the default setting, the general ledger view appears.

If you are in the entry view, choose the General Ledger View pushbutton .

Note Note

The system records which view you last used to display the list. The next time you execute the transaction, this view appears as the default view.

End of the note.

For more information, see Displaying Account Line Items .

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