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Process documentation Printing ROE Forms Manually 


Once you have used the ROE Workbench to generate ROE form data, you may pursue one of two options to produce (that is, print) actual ROE forms.

·  Your first option is to print ROE forms in ROE Laser Print automatically, which performs the corresponding export and import runs in the background.

This first process is described in the previous topic: Printing ROE Forms Automatically.

·  Your second option is to print ROE forms manually, by exporting ROE form data to ROE Laser Print, printing the ROE forms in that application, then importing the ROE form data and valid HRSDC serial numbers into mySAP ERP HCM Payroll.

This second process is described in this topic.


Your have obtained the application ROE Laser Print from Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC).


We strongly recommend that you accept all default file paths proposed to you during the installation of this application. Specifically, we urge you to accept the default file paths:

§  C:\Program Files\HRDC-DRHC\ROE  … as the location for the application.

§  C:\Program Files\HRDC-DRHC\ROE\data  … as the location for ROE data.

You have used the ROE Workbench to generate ROE form data. For additional information on this process, review the topic Generating ROE Form Data.

You now wish to print that data on the actual ROE form(s) with the valid HRSDC serial number(s).

The ROE form dataset to be used for printing is now stored in the ROE Run Viewer under the This graphic is explained in the accompanying text New tabstrip and assigned the status New.

Process Flow

This process consists of the following two procedures:

·  Exporting ROE Form Data for Subsequent Printing

·  Importing ROE Form Data and HRSDC Serial Numbers

Each procedure occurs separately, and each is described in a subsequent corresponding topic.

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