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Object documentationThe Field Catalog 


The field cataog is a table of type

LVC_T_FCAT that contains information on the fields to be displayed. The ALV uses this table to recognize the type of a field, for example.


You can use fields of the catalog to determine the number format and column properties of the list to be displayed.


In some exceptional cases, it is not necessary to pass the field catalog (see also:

Generating the Field Catalog Automatically).


The field catalog contains more than 60 fields, some of which are only used internally. Those fields that are relevant to application developers are described in

Fields of the Field Catalog.


Generally, you are recommended to fill the fields of the field catalog before the list is displayed for the first time and pass them in method

set_table_for_first_display. To adjust a field catalog generated by the ALV to your special requirements before list output, you use function module LVC_FIELDCATALOG_MERGE .


get_frontend_fieldcatalog and set_frontend_fieldcatalog allow you to change the field catalog after list output.



BCALV_GRID_03 in development class SLIS uses this function module to hide columns before the list is displayed.







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