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Object documentationAlternative Product Number 


Number under which a product is managed in the system in addition to the product number defined when it was created. An alternative product number (APN) can be a manufacturer part number or an old material number, for example.


You assign alternative product numbers to a product on the Properties 2 tab page in the product’s master record. Alternative product numbers are always assigned to a type(APN type), which is defined in Customizing for the product master under Product Maintain Alternative Product Number Type.

Alternative product numbers facilitate a more flexible search for a product, since you can conduct the search via not just one but several product numbers. To search for an alternative product number, invoke the input help for the Product field on the initial screen of the product master and choose the Search with Alternative Product Numbers tab page.

You can assign multipe alternative product numbers. The system does not perform a check of uniqueness.


Alternative product numbers comprise an APN type and an assigned value.


Alternative product numbers are not integrated with the ERP system via the APO Core Interface (CIF).


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