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Function documentation Display Function for Archived Material Documents (MM-IM) 


You can use the Archive Information System (transaction SARI) to display archived material documents in the single document display. You can also display original documents via ArchiveLink and other linked documents via the Document Relationship Browser (DRB).


·  Archiving object MM_MATBEL has at least one information structure, which was created based on the SAP standard field catalogs SAP_MM_MATBEL01 and SAP_MM_MATBEL02.

·  The information structure has been activated and filled.

SAP provides the following standard information structures for accessing archived material documents:


This information structure has been adapted to the selection options in transaction ALO1. ALO1 can be used as an entry point to the Document Relationship Browser (DRB).


This information structure contains all the fields from table MARI and is also a superset of fields in the information structure SAP_DRB_MATBEL1. MARI is used together with table MKPF_ARIX to display archived material documents via transaction MB51 or report RM07DOCS. For this purpose it is necessary for you to save material short documents in the database. However, you can avoid this by using SAP_MATBEL_MARI. In this way you can preserve the full functionality of transaction MB51. For more information on how to use the Archive Information System instead of table MARI see SAP Note 599966.


For you to be able to display the linked documents via DRB (see below), the corresponding information structures also have to be filled for these documents.


Single document display

Archived material documents can be displayed using transaction MB51, the Archive Information System (see above), or the DRB. In all cases transaction MB03 is called for the actual single document display. MB03 is also used for the original document display of material documents in the database, but archived material documents can no longer be modified.

Display of linked documents via DRB

For a specific document you have the option to display the entire process chain in which this document is embedded, via the Document Relationship Browser (DRB). For the display it does not matter whether the preceding or subsequent document to be displayed is in the database of has already been archived. The following prerequisites have to be fulfilled to display linked documents:

·  The preceding or subsequent document you want to display must also have a display function in the system.

·  If the preceding or subsequent document to be displayed has been archived it has to be part of an active information structure of the Archive Information System.

For more information see Structure linkMaterial Documents in DRB (MM-IM).

Displaying original documents via ArchiveLink

From the single document display you can call up the original document for the archived material document via Environment ® Originals ® Display. This also pertains to linked Work Items and IDocs, if applicable.


The same prerequisites apply for the original document display as for the single document display (see above).


Displaying documents via ArchiveLink is only possible if the ArchiveLink is correctly connected to your system. This includes, for example, the correct configuration of the ArchiveLink Viewer and the setting up access to the appropriate optical archive. In addition, the linked entries in the corresponding tables for ArchiveLink, Work Item and IDoc have to exist in the database.


In the Archive Information Structure you can reach the single document display function (Single Document Display) and the DRB function (DRB: Material Documents) via the selection screen Display Data Object, which appears when you click on a document in the list of the archive information structure.

For more information about this function see Structure linkArchive Information System.



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