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Object documentationInfoCube 


An object that can function as both a data target and an InfoProvider.

From a reporting point of view, an InfoCube describes a self-contained dataset, for example, of a business-orientated area. This dataset can be evaluated in a BEx query. 

An InfoCube is a quantity of relational tables arranged according to the star schema: A large fact table in the middle surrounded by several dimension tables.


InfoCubes are supplied with data from one or more InfoSources or ODS objects (Basic InfoCube) or with data from a different system (RemoteCube, SAP RemoteCube, virtual InfoCube with Services, transactional InfoCube).


There are various types of InfoCube:


  1.  Physical data stores:

¡  Basic InfoCubes

¡  Transactional InfoCubes

  2.  Virtual data stores:

¡  RemoteCube

¡  SAP RemoteCube

¡  Virtual InfoCube with Services

Only Basic InfoCubes and transactional InfoCubes physically contain data in the database. Virtual InfoCubes are only logical views of a dataset. By definition, they are not data targets. However, the InfoCube type is of no importance from the reporting perspective, since an InfoCube is accessed as an InfoProvider.


You can access the characteristics and key figures defined for an InfoCube in the Structure linkQuery Definition in the BEx Web or in the BEx Analyzer.



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