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Component documentation Maintenance Program Definition 


The Maintenance Program Definition (MPD) component provides a workbench that you can use to transform complex maintenance requirements into maintenance plans within the maintenance execution system.

You can use the MPD Workbench to ensure you comply with safety regulations and adhere to national requirements. The MPD Workbench helps to prevent failures that cause disruptions to operations with minimum maintenance costs and downtime.


You can use the MPD Workbench to:

·  Improve the accuracy of master data settings

When you set up master data manually, the MPD Workbench helps you to prevent data omissions when creating a maintenance program (for example, forgetting to create a maintenance plan)

·  Reduce the time it takes to process master data settings and increase efficiency

The MPD Workbench helps you to work with complex object structures, which are typical of maintenance programs

·  Visualize object structures & statuses in an MPD report, and share the information with other organizations

It is important that all parties involved in the maintenance program (for example, maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO) shop, engineers) can visualize all object structures in the structure browser so they can check the accuracy of the data entered. The MPD Workbench provides a consolidated overview of all the maintenance objects involved in the overall maintenance process, including:

¡  Documents

¡  Maintenance plans

¡  Task lists

¡  Technical objects (for example, functional location or equipment)

Reporting Functions

The following reporting functions are provided with the workbench:

·  Consistency reporting

¡  Performs mass creation of maintenance plans

¡  Monitors status of your MPD

·  Change implementation reporting

¡  Performs a mass update of maintenance plans

¡  Monitors status of the changes made to the maintenance program definition

·  Work status reporting

¡  Provides an overview of the actual execution status of the maintenance work

The MPD Workbench is based on the structure browser, which enables you to navigate within document structures. To enable you to create all the objects and links needed to cover the whole maintenance program definition process, the structure browser has been enhanced as follows:

·  New objects:

¡  Maintenance plans

¡  Task lists

·  New object links:

¡  Task list ßàmaintenance plan

¡  Technical object ßà maintenance plan


·  This project is not concerned with the complete end-to-end maintenance program definition process. MPD focuses on providing the engineers with a thorough insight into the consistency of, implementation of changes to, and continuous work status of the maintenance plans and their respective documents.

·  At present, MPD only supports the creation of one particular type of maintenance plan, the multiple counter plan. It does not support, for example, strategy plans, or single cycle plans.

·  MPD does not currently support the creation of a multiple counter plan with more than one item and more than one cycle set.

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