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Function documentation Receipt of Repaired Parts from the Subcontractor (Goods Receipt) 


You receive the materials back into the warehouse. You trigger the goods receipt for the repaired part in the Subcontracting Monitor or by using the standard function for Goods Receipt for Purchase Order (transaction code MB01). You cannot post a goods receipt using an inbound delivery (transaction code VL32). For more information about the different scenarios for repaired parts, see Subcontracting Scenarios.

During the goods receipt with reference to a purchase order, the system derives the special stock type for which the goods receipt is posted from the Subcontracting for Special Stock field in the purchase order item. At goods receipt, a consumption posting for the components is also made from the unvalued subcontracting stock. For each goods receipt item, the system copies the components with their quantities as transfer posting items.

The goods receipt posting consists of the following:

·  Goods receipt to update the plant stock of the received part (movement type 101 is provided for this.)

·  Goods issue from subcontractor stock issues the provided components, including the main part from the subcontractor stock (movement type 543 is provided for this.)

·  If the goods receipt is posted with reference to the purchase order item, which is account assigned to the PM/CS order (account assignment F in the standard system) and does not have special stock, then an additional posting is necessary to update the physical stock. This additional posting is necessary because, in such a scenario, the goods receipt posting (movement type 101) does not update the stock; it is a consumption posting. The additional posting is performed using business add-in (BAdI) BADI_DIAD_GOODMVT_1, for which a default implementation is provided. The default implementation proposes movement type 262 for posting the goods back to stock.

You can change the movement type and other logic for additional postings by creating your own BAdI implementation. In the default implementation, all necessary data for the additional posting using movement type 262 (plant, storage location, material, quantity, and so on) is taken from the 101 part of the goods receipt. During this posting, the system carries out additional checks of movement type 262, for example, settings for automatic creation of storage location. If the checks fail, an error message occurs and the posting does not take place. The additional posting using movement type 262 is carried out after movement types 101 and 543 have been committed. Therefore, in this scenario, the system creates two material documents:

¡  One material document for the 101 and 543 postings.

¡  One material document for the 262 goods receipt.


The Customizing setting for automatic creation of storage locations for the movement types used in an implementation of the Business Add-In should match those for standard movement type 101.

At the time of the goods receipt, what has been originally sent to the subcontractor is unknown, that is the materials, serial numbers (if contained in the purchase order item), batches, valuation types, and quantities that should be consumed at the subcontractor stock. The system finds and proposes this information during goods receipt, depending on the subcontracting scenario. The following occurs:

·  The system proposes the serial number from the purchase order item for a recursive repair, in which you send and receive the same serial number.

·  For an unplanned serial number change, the system proposes the serial number from the purchase order item in movement type 101 or your copy thereof, but does not propose a serial number for movement type 543 (or your copy thereof). You can enter the serial number during the goods receipt posting

On the Maintain Serial Numbers dialog box, the system sets the S/N Equal (Serial Number Equal) indicator for a recursive repair, and you have to deactivate this indicator if the serial number changes.

During posting of goods receipt of the subcontract purchase order item with special stock, no accounting documents are created, because the special stock is non-valuated.

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