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Component documentation Resource-Related Billing 


The price for customer-specific services are not always defined in a contract as fixed prices, nor can they always be determined using standard pricing. This is the case if, for example, no empirical values exist for specific services, and therefore the services cannot be calculated adequately before conclusion of a contract. Typical examples of this are:

  • Make-to-order production
  • External
plant maintenance in the service company
  • Specific services such as consulting
  • You carry out resource-related billing for these orders. In the billing document, single material, internal activities, and costs are assigned to the customer afterwards. The basis for creating a billing document is the

    billing request.

    Implementation Considerations

    Since static billing is not longer available, you must make a conversion, if necessary. For more information, see the Implementation Guide for Project System under Revenues and Earnings ® Integration with SD Documents ® Creating Quotations and Project Billing ® Static Processing (Process Before Release 4.5).



    The system determines prices for later billing requests based on the quantity and the material by using the pricing procedure. You can process a billing request in either one of the following views:

    Expenditure view
  • Sales price view

    For more information, see

    Structure linkPricing.


    You can carry out the new resource-related billing for the following objects:

    • Item(s) of a sales document (for example, standard order) with controlling object (this means that costs and revenues are updated in the sales document)
    • Item(s) of a sales document with relation to a work breakdown structure element from a customer project
    • Item(s) of a sales document with relation to a production order or internal order
    • A non-revenue bearing service order with relation to an a sales document item
    • Revenue bearing service orders

    You use resource-related billing in Customer Service (CS), Sales and Distribution (SD), and Project System (PS) for processing sales orders and service orders.

    For more information about resource-related billing in these components, see:

    Billing Process (CS)

    Billing Process (PS) Leaving content frame