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Function documentation Backflush 


You use this function to post the goods movements for the call components. You can select any amount of components groups and:

  • post the goods receipt of the call components and the backflush of the assembled BOM components, aggregated
  • post a stock transfer from the production storage location to the shipping storage location aggregated, if you obtain the call components from a supplier, for example.


  • The system carries out the backflush with the functions from make-to-stock repetitive manufacturing. For more information see the documentation for PP – Repetitive Manufacturing under
  • Structure linkBackflushing.
    • In the process control you can carry out the backflush using the following actions:



    Carry out backflush


    Carry out backflush in the background


    Carry out backflush and create delivery (BFLU + DELI)



    • You have set the necessary master data for the
    • Structure linkmake-to-stock repetitive manufacturing.
    • In your
    • call control you have planned the appropriate action for the current internal processing status of the components group.
      • You have entered the
      production info in the basic data for each call component. In the production info, you determine whether you want to backflush or transfer a call component.


      • You can carry out the action for a quantity of components groups. The system carries out the repetitive manufacturing backflush or the stock transfer for all call components.
      • If you transfer the call components, the system determines the storage locations according to the following:
          • If there is a components group material for the components group to which the call component is assigned, the system determines the storage locations from the production version of the components group material.
          • If there is no components group material, or a production version has not been created for a components group material, the system determines the production storage location from the material master of the call component, as the issue storage location. It determines the shipping storage location from the call component’s scheduling agreement as the receiving storage location.
        • With action BFLP you can carry out the backflush and the goods movements in the background. The entry template is then immediately released and you can continue.
        • With the interlinked action BFDL you can also simultaneously create a delivery.
        • You can also implement a goods movement using a customer exit. In this case enter the goods movement in the production info using a customer exit.
        • If you carry out an action for the backflush, the system lists the call components of all components groups and groups the quantities. It then gradually reduces this list, by updating one call component after the other (asynchronous update). If a call component cannot be updated, it remains in the list with an error message. You can reprocess the list and then manually repeat the posting.


        • You carry out a backflush, by entering a
        • confirmation message , for example, with the action BFLU.
          • If you want to reprocess possible errors in the backflush, choose Logistics ®
          • Logistics Execution ® JIT-Inbound ® Basic Data ® Follow-on Functions ® Reprocess Goods Movement.



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