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Object documentationPro Forma Invoice


A dummy billing document created prior to the real invoice. You can use pro forma invoices for invoice simulation or export papers, for example.


You can create a pro forma invoice at any time during DBM order processing. It details the current state of the DBM order, as if it was invoiced at that point in time.

If no changes are made to the DBM order after you create the pro forma invoice, the real invoice is exactly the same. A pro forma invoice appears exactly the same as a customer invoice. The difference is that this invoice does not need to be paid. Therefore, the system does not forward data to Financial Accounting (FI). We provide a dummy SD order type (QDBM), and a dummy item category (QDBM) that you can use.


The copy control from SD order to SD billing document must be set up in Customizing for Sales and Distribution under   Billing  Billing Documents  Maintain Copying Control for Billing Documents  . Choose Copying control: Sales document to billing document.

In Customizing for Dealer Business Management (DBM) under   Order  Order Type  Define Order Type  , you create a “dummy” SD order type, and the corresponding pro forma billing type.

Also the used item categories within the copy control have to use valid item categories for the corresponding sales order type defined in Customizing for Sales and Distribution under   Sales  Sales Document Item  Assign Item Categories  .

For information about using DBM billing documents, see SAP Note 1010372.