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Time Zone Configuration


This process explains how to set up and activate the Time Zone function in the SAP System.


You can use individual Customizing activities to make the following settings:

  • Set up the time zone in which the system is located

  • Define a default time zone for users (if no time zone is set in the user profile)

To configure your system for the time zone function in Customizing, choose Start of the navigation path General Settings Next navigation step Time Zones End of the navigation path.

  1. Maintain the system settings in the client. Use the Maintain Time Zones activity if you want to check the time zone settings or if the time zone you need does not exist. Here you can define time zones, their daylight savings rules, and their offsets from Universal Time Coordinated (UTC).


    The time zones are predefined in your system. However, you can change it or add to it as required.

  2. Use the Maintain Geographical Assignments activity to check the assignment of time zones to geographical areas.


    Groups of users in a region or general geographical area should use their organization's (company code's) time zone, even if it is not exactly the same time zone as their local time zone.

    The SAP system uses these assignments to determine the objects' time zones when converting between objects' local times in UTC.

  3. If a user and the system are in different time zones, specify the user's time zone in the user profile.

    The prerequisite for this is that the displayed time zone information makes it possible for the user to see suggested deadlines and validations in the local time.

  4. After you log on again, check the system status to ensure that the Time Zone function is working properly.

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