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Function documentation Authorization Management 


You can use the following authorization objects to control the authorizations for maintaining business partner data:

·  Authorization objects for the Business Partner:





·  Authorization objects for relationships:



In addition, you can assign an authorization group to a business partner in the dialog. The authorization group controls which users may maintain data for this business partner.

You can also define authorizations for fields and field groups using the Business Data Toolset (BDT). Depending on the settings you have made, the system carries out the relevant authorization checks.

In the dialog in the SAP GUI, you can display an overview of the authorizations assigned to you by pressing the button Settings.

For more information on authorization management, see the Implementation Guide (IMG) of the Business Partner, as well as in the Developer’s Handbook for the BDT under Authorizations.


Authorization management for the Business Partner forms part of the SAP authorization concept.


You have made the necessary settings in Customizing of the Business Partner under Basic Settings Address Management.


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