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$OBJE$ Territory






Segment of the market that is defined by attributes to describe its responsibility, for example:

Geographical locations (for example, by zip codes)

Products, product lines

Directly assigned business partners (for example, key accounts)

User-defined attributes

A combination of attributes


A territory is a part of Territory Management. For more information, see the SAP Library for SAP Customer Relationship Management under CRM Enterprise Sales Territory Management.

A territory is placed within a territory hierarchy; you maintain the territory and the territory hierarchy in CRM Enterprise.

In CRM Enterprise you can assign a territory to an employee, for example to a sales representative who is responsible for selling in a certain area, or to a service engineer who is responsible for servicing particular equipment.

When you create a business transaction in CRM Enterprise, for example a sales order or an activity, the system can automatically determine

The territory based on the employee responsible

The employee responsible based on the territory

When you maintain a territory hierarchy, you can display the business partners and products that fall within the scope of a particular territory. In the section Territory Attributes, choose Number of Objects in Territory.

Specifics for CRM Mobile

You can use a territory for subscription purposes, that is, to transfer data to the mobile clients.

For more information, see the SAP Library for SAP Customer Relationship Management under Field Applications Field Sales Field Territory Management for Mobile Sales.


A territory is located in a territory hierarchy and has a unique territory ID. The length of the territory ID is specified in CRM Enterprise in Customizing under Customer Relationship Management Master Data Territory Management.

A territory is time-dependent, that is, it can have one or several validity periods.

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