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Certain business partner data is time-dependent, meaning that it can be created with validity periods. This includes the following data:

  • Roles

  • Addresses and their assignment to address types

  • Bank details

  • Payment cards

  • Relationships, including contact person relationships

  • Identification numbers (delivered hidden)


You have activated time dependency for the relevant data in Customizing for Cross-Application Components under Start of the navigation path SAP Business Partner Next navigation stepActivation Switch for Functions End of the navigation path. For more information, see Note 810634.


The data listed above is part of the normal data exchange of business partner data. However, due to the time dependency of this data, this can result in problems when the business partner data is exchanged with other applications or systems that do not support time dependency or cannot process time-dependent data. This applies in particular to bank, address, and contact person data.

The report BUPTDTRANSMIT enables you to distribute time-dependent data to other applications. The report should therefore be scheduled to run on a regular basis.

Future Validity

When business partner data is saved, those data records whose validity falls in the future are saved to a separate table, BUT_TDTRANS. This data is not initially distributed to applications that do not support time dependency.

When the validity comes into effect, however, the report BUPTDTRANSMIT can be used to distribute all entries from the table BUT_TDTRANS that are valid on the current date.

Contact Person Validity

If a contact relationship becomes invalid in SAP CRM, the contact person relationship is deleted in SAP ERP.

If a contact is currently valid in SAP CRM but deleted in SAP ERP, the contact is by default deleted in SAP CRM. However, you can restrict the validity of the contact relationship instead of deleting it, by activating the function module CRM_BUPR_RESTRICT_CONTACT using transaction CRMC_BUT_CALL_FU.

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