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This function is only available if you own a "SAP NetWeaver Landscape Virtualization Management" 1.0 enterprise edition license. Contact your SAP representative to obtain a license to make this function available.

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Task lists are proprietary to SAP and can be overwritten during an upgrade. We recommend to consider SAP task lists as templates and to save SAP task lists as a copy.

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The system refresh is done to overwrite an already existing target system with the latest data from a source system while maintaining the configuration. To prevent overwriting the target system configuration, you need to export the target system tables that contain configuration information before you start the system copy export. After the system copy, you can import this configuration data into the target system again. You can use the task list SAP_BASIS_COPY_REFRESH_EXPORT to run the required export steps automatically. It exports the configuration data in the form of table content via R3trans to the file system. If an export already exists, the time stamp of the latest export is displayed in the Task List Run field. To obtain a list of corresponding tables that are exported, run report SCTC_LIST_TABLES in the ABAP target system.

For more information about the export activities, see the description of each task, which is available in the Help column of the task list.

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