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Object documentationTerritory


Segment of the market that is defined by attributes to describe its responsibility. For example, geographical locations (such as zip codes), products, product lines, directly assigned business partners (such as key accounts), user-defined attributes, a combination of attributes.


You can use this business object in the following cases:

  • As a basis for carrying out planning, analyzing sales figures, and monitoring the performance of your sales market. For example, you can monitor the performance of a sales representative who is responsible for selling in a certain area.


  • A territory has a unique ID and is located in a Territory Hierarchy. You string together the IDs of all territories in the hierarchy, to form a unique territory hierarchy ID.

  • The scope of a territory is defined by the rules you assign to it. For example, All business partners that have addresses with the zip code 01821-3800 in Boston, U.S.. belong to a T1

  • The validity of a territory is determined by the duration of its validity period.

  • You assign employees to a territory to indicate who is responsible for it.


This business object is closely related to the following:

  • The Accounts Application

    You can create territories and maintain related information in the accounts application on the CRM WebClient UI.

  • Business Transactions

    When working with business transactions in SAP CRM, you can enable territory-based checks to align ownership of business transactions with territory ownership. For example, when a sales representative creates a sales order, you can determine the territory that the sales order belongs to, based on the employee responsible for the sales order. You can also determine the product that a sales representative can enter in a sales order — based on the territory assigned.

  • Search Criteria

    Add the territory ID and description to the standard search criteria in business transactions such as opportunities, and sales orders and marketing documents such as trade promotions, account plans, deals, promotion guidelines, and agreements.

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