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Function documentationBilling for Internal Stock Transfers


In service parts management (SPM), internal stock transfer takes place as a result of service parts planning for the network of distribution locations. Stock transport orders are created to move stock between locations, ensuring that the correct stock level for each part is available at the appropriate location.


Billing Outbound Delivery in Stock Transfer

Billing takes place using delivery-related billing (see Delivery-Related Billing).

Billing for Returns Stock Transport Orders

To use this function, you must activate the business function Sales and Service (CRM_SLS_SRV_1).

To use this function, you must activate the SAP ERP business function Service Parts Management: Innovations in ERP (SPE_CI_1), available as of SAP enhancement package 5 for SAP ERP 6.0.

To use this function, you must activate the SAP SCM business function EWM, Returns in the Distribution Network (SCM_EWM_REV_LOG), available as of SAP enhancement package 1 for SAP SCM 7.0.

If the inspection at a receiving location establishes that there are problems with the goods received (for example, the wrong goods were delivered or there is a discrepancy in the quantity), a returns stock transport order is created to return the goods. On receipt of returned goods, the sending location inspects the goods to determine the refund to be paid by the creation of a credit memo in SAP CRM billing.

After inspection of returned goods, data from the inspection document and inbound delivery in SAP ERP is copied to the relevant billing due list item in SAP CRM. During billing, the refund amount is calculated, based on the defect code, decision code, and quantity. The billing document ID and item number are copied to the inbound delivery as a reference, and the defect code and decision code can be displayed in the Items assignment block of the billing document.

To set up billing of return stock transport orders, you need to activate the billing feature Billing of Returns Stock Transp. Orders in Customizing for Customer Relationship Management, under Start of the navigation path Billing Next navigation stepConfigure Application End of the navigation path. You also need to make the settings described in the documentation for this feature.

For more information about configuring returns in the distribution network, see the SAP Solution Manager content for SAP Service and Asset Management, business scenario Service Parts Claims and Returns.

Intercompany Billing for Cross-Company Code Stock Transfers

To use this function, you must activate the business function Sales and Service (CRM_SLS_SRV_1).

If you transfer stock between company codes, you can use intercompany billing to trigger the required accounting postings. For more information, see Intercompany Billing.

More Information

For more information about stock transfers in SPM, see the application help in SAP Library for SAP ERP Central Component on SAP Help Portal at Start of the navigation path published on SAP site Next navigation stepLogistics Next navigation stepLogistics – General (LO) Next navigation stepSpare Parts Management (LO-SPM) Next navigation stepTransfer and Inventory Management Next navigation stepStock Transfers Next navigation stepIntegration of CRM Billing End of the navigation path.

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