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Function documentationReplicating Service Master Data from SAP ERP to SAP CRM


Service master data is transferred from SAP ERP to SAP CRM using middleware. The relevant middleware object is SERVICE_MASTER.

A single initial download is used to download the services required and create them as products in SAP CRM. Subsequent changes and any new services created in SAP ERP after this point are transferred automatically by delta downloads.


Before the initial download can take place, you must have:

  • Transferred Customizing for general settings (for example, transferred the units of measure, using middleware objects beginning with DNL_CUST_BASIS)

  • Transferred the middleware object DNL_CUST_SRVMAS for the class CUSTOMIZING

For more information, see Initial Load of Customizing Objects (Solution Manager: Start of the navigation path SAP CRM Next navigation stepConfiguration Structures Next navigation stepSAP CRM Next navigation stepBasic Settings for SAP CRM Next navigation step Data Replication Next navigation stepReplication of Customizing Objects) End of the navigation path.


The service data downloaded from SAP ERP that is necessary for functions within SAP CRM includes the following data in particular:

  • General service data such as the base unit of measure, work unit, and conversion factors, and also service descriptions and texts

  • Grouping characteristics, in particular the material group and service category


  1. Define which services are to be transferred.

    You do this in the filter conditions in middleware object management for the object SERVICE_MASTER using transaction R3AC1.

  2. Start the transfer of data for the object SERVICE_MASTER using transaction R3AS.

    Note Note

    Do not create a product master using a client copy or similar procedure either in SAP CRM or SAP ERP. If you want to set up new systems with product master data or change or create a connection between existing systems, see Note 418886 (and related notes) first. It contains important information about how to avoid inconsistencies at database level.

    End of the note.

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