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Batch Valuation of Configurable Materials in MTS


Technical Data

Technical Name of Business Function


Type of Business Function

Industry Business Function

Available as of

SAP enhancement package 4 for SAP ERP 6.0

Technical Usage

Discrete Industries and Mill Products

Application component

Mill Products (IS-MP)

Dependent business function(s) you must also activate

Discrete Industries and Mill Products (DIMP_SDUD)

You can use this business function to valuate products that you manufacture for stock based on your configuration and the production costs. This is an especially important function if you work with configurable materials. However, you can also use this function to produce non-configurable materials if recipes or routings need to be changed frequently and you want to use the same material number for the changing production costs for inventory valuation or Controlling.


You have installed the following components, as of the above-mentioned version:

Type of Component


Software Component




You have activated the business function set Discrete Industries and Mill Products (DIMP), the business function Discrete Industries-Mill Products (DIMP_DSUD) and the business function Batch Valuation of Configurable Materials in MTS (/SAPMP/PP_CMTSBVAL).

In Customizing for Materials Management, you have entered all the valuation categories for which you want to execute make-to-stock production of configurable materials with individual batch valuation. You do this by choosing   Valuation and Account Assignment  Split Valuation  Define Valuation Categories for MTS with Configurable Materials  .


This business function enables you to valuate goods receipts from production orders at an individual batch level. You can carry out valuation of materials you manufacture for stock at several levels of the production hierarchy. Before the last preliminary order cost estimate, assign batch numbers to all the components that are to be valuated for single batches. That way, during valuation, the system can take account of the actual component costs that arose.

The system determines the price of a material batch at the time of the first goods receipt of a valuation type for a production order cost estimate. The system then uses this price to valuate the material batch for any other goods receipts, cancellations, and in-plant stock transfers without stock transport orders. If there is a stock transfer between plants with a stock transport order, the system valuates the material in the receiving plant using the purchase order price.

You can use a new report to display production orders for materials valuated in single batches.

For more information about this new report, see Production Orders with Batch Valuation (/SAPMP/CMTSBV_STATUS).


The characteristic value assignments in the sales order cost estimate can be different than those in the material valuation and production order cost estimate. You therefore cannot access the batch valuation in profitability analysis until period-end closing has been carried out in the material ledger.

The standard costs of the configurable material may have been determined on the basis of different conditions than those in the production order. That is why plan/actual comparisons for valuating the batches in the production order are not possible.

For more information, see Batch Valuation of Configurable Materials.

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