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Function documentationIntegration with SAP Biller Direct


The component SAP Biller Direct (FIN-FSCM-BD) supports you in the electronic presentation of bills, and their further processing (Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment). With SAP Biller Direct, you can offer your customers the option of viewing and paying their bills in the Internet, and of entering inquiries and comments.

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For further information on the SAP Biller Direct component, see Start of the navigation path SAP ERP Central Component Next navigation stepFinancials Next navigation stepSAP Financial Supply Chain Management (FIN-FSCM) Next navigation stepElectronic Bill Presentment and Payment End of the navigation path in the SAP Library under SAP ERP.

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SAP Biller Direct is a Web application of SAP ERP. By integrating it in the Interaction Center, you can enable your vendor to create inquiries from the SAP Biller Direct Buy Side portal. In addition, you can display standardized information there.


You have set up the Interaction Center, and have carried out the necessary Customizing activities under the following nodes: Start of the navigation path Customer Relationship Management Next navigation stepInteraction Center WebClient Next navigation stepShared Services Framework End of the navigation path.

In addition to the Interaction Center, you have set up the component SAP Biller Direct (FIN-FSCM-BD) in SAP ERP.

You have activated the following business functions:

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