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Function documentationLoyalty Points


You use loyalty points to influence and reward members of your loyalty program.


You define loyalty points as part of a loyalty program type. For more information, see Loyalty Program.

You can define that qualifying points result in the system moving a member to a different tier.

The system credits and debits loyalty points to a point account. For more information, see Point Account Set.


  • In Customizing for Customer Relationship Management you have done the following under Start of the navigation path Marketing Next navigation stepLoyalty Management - Design End of the navigation path:

    • You have defined a loyalty program type under Start of the navigation path Basic Settings Next navigation stepDefine Loyalty Types End of the navigation path.

    • You have defined a point profile and a point expiration profile under Start of the navigation path Loyalty Programs Next navigation stepDefine Profiles for Loyalty Program Types End of the navigation path.

  • In Customizing for Loyalty Management - Execution, you have defined point qualification types under Start of the navigation path Point Accounts Next navigation stepDefine Point Qualification Types End of the navigation path.


You can define multiple point types. For each point type you assign a date calculation procedure to use as an expiration procedure. This determines the period between a member earning a redeemable loyalty point and, if applicable, the expiry of that loyalty point. Alternatively, you can define that loyalty points do not expire.

You assign a conversion factor to each point type. The system uses the conversion factor to convert loyalty points of each point type into a base value that is used during the combinability evaluation for the reward rules. For more information about combinability, see Reward Rules.

You assign point qualification types to each point type. The following point qualification types exist:

  • Redeemable

    Members can redeem redeemable points against services or products as defined in the loyalty program. Members can also buy additional points, if they have not earned sufficient points for redemption. Redeemable points can be subject to expiration after a certain date.

  • Qualifying

    The system uses qualifying points to determine the next tier level for a member when the current tier expires. Members cannot redeem these points. Qualifying points do not have an expiration date, but they expire with the tier.

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