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Function documentationBusiness Roles


You can use business roles to work with content from different CRM applications. You can combine this content according to your personal requirements.


Business Roles in the CRM WebClient

You can perform the following activities in the business role application:

  • Search for business roles, create new business roles or copy existing ones, and delete business roles

  • Start transaction PFCG to assign authorization roles (PFCG roles) to business roles by clicking Authorization Roles

  • Choose or create a transport request, after you have changed or deleted an existing business role, or created a new business role

  • Personalize the overview page, including the assignment blocks of your business role, by clicking the Personalize icon

  • Export the content of the individual assignment blocks to Microsoft Excel

  • Translate the business role description, and titles of direct link groups, work centers, and logical links into other languages by clicking Translate

  • Assign icons to work centers and to logical links in direct link groups

Portal Roles

You can generate a portal role from your business role by creating an XML file of your business role, and importing this XML file to SAP NetWeaver Portal. You generate an XML file of your business role in Customizing for Customer Relationship Management, by choosing   UI Framework  Portal Integration  Upload Business Role  .

You can either display CRM skins in the CRM portal, or map portal themes to CRM skins. You map portal themes to CRM skins in Customizing for Customer Relationship Management, by choosing   UI Framework  Portal Integration  Map Portal Themes to CRM Skins  .

More Information

For more information about the portal integration, see Portal Integration.

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