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Function documentationCreating Sales Order Templates


You can use this function to enter the individual service parts, their required quantities, and their related units of measure for a recall action. The system automatically copies these items from the sales order template when the service recall order is created.


When you create a product service letter (PSL) for sales transactions, you need to assign the sales order template with the corresponding template ID in the PSL's header area, in the header data group Processing Data. When you create a service recall order, select this product service letter for service recall processing. The system copies the items in the sales order template that is related to the product service letter, to the recall order.


  • Create a sales order template. Use transaction type SALT (provided in the standard delivery) as a template for the sales order template. All necessary settings are available for this transaction type. To create your own transaction type for this, use the activity Define Transaction Types in Customizing for Customer Relationship Management, at Start of the navigation path Transactions Next navigation stepBasic Settings End of the navigation path and assign a template type to this transaction type.

  • Enter the products (service parts), their quantities, and their related units of measure.

  • Release the sales order template for use in service recall processing.

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