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Function documentationService Contract Quotations


Service contract quotations are legally binding offers to a customer for the purpose of defining the services in a service contract.

A service contract quotation can be of use to both customers and providers. It gives customers the chance to get information about prices and delivery conditions to enable them to make decisions, while at the same time, providers can include the expected services at an early stage in their planning and get an overview of the expected costs and revenues.

Within the validity period of a service contract quotation, the customer has the option of agreeing to a service contract for specific conditions with reference to the quotation.

Contract quotations are business transactions in service with the leading business transaction category Service Contract. Service quotations are only identified as such by the system status Quotation.

This function is available in CRM WebClient UI and Interaction Center WebClient.


Quotation data is not forwarded to SAP ERP, since it is not relevant for billing or controlling, for example.

However, it is possible to send the data to SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence. There you can perform analyses, to evaluate, for example, which quotations were accepted or rejected and the corresponding reasons for these decisions.


Define Quotations as Transaction Types in Customizing

If you want to use contract quotations, you must define service contract quotations as transaction types in Customizing. Assign the leading business transaction category Service Contract. The following transaction types are available in the standard system.

  • SCQ – Service Contract Quotation

  • USCA – Usage-Based Service Quotation

Make this setting in Customizing under   Customer Relationship Management  Transactions  Basic Settings  Define Transaction Types  .

Define Default Values in Customizing

You maintain default values for quotations in Customizing for Customer Relationship Management under   Transactions  Basic Settings  Define Item Categories  .

Choose the item category you require (standard system: SCNQ – Service Contract Quotation and USCA – Usage-Based Service Quotation Item) and then choose business transaction type Sales.

In the Customizing Item view, in section Quotation Data, edit the following field:

Relevance for Quotation

If you choose Initially a Quotation and enter a transaction with this item category, the transaction items have the status Quotation.


Create Quotation

You create quotations using Service Contract Quotation.

Accept Quotation

You create a service contract from a service contract quotation with the Accept button. You can delete your acceptance by using the change process Cancel Certificate of Acceptance.

A usage-based contract can also be generated from a quotation using action UBB: Generate Certificate of Acceptance in Background, which can be scheduled. For more information, see Certificate of Acceptance.

Complete Quotation

A quotation is completed (status Completed):

  • After it has been copied to a service contract

  • Following a customer rejection

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