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Function documentationExternal List Management in SAP CRM


You can create and maintain external lists in SAP CRM by acquiring specific data from external providers and using this data to gain new customers. The data from external providers could include information on:

  • Business partner and marketing prospect addresses

  • Marketing attributes of business partners and marketing prospects

  • Business transactions-related information, such as activities and leads

  • Survey details

Note Note

A marketing prospect is a potential customer. Marketing prospect is a new category of mapping format added to support the upload of large amounts (high-volume) of address data in an efficient manner.

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External List Management involves procuring external data, defining mapping formats, checking and preparing the data, updating existing data, creating business partners, creating marketing prospects, using these business partners and marketing prospects in marketing campaigns, and analyzing (reporting) the methods used.

High-Volume Scenario

For business scenarios that deal with large amounts of data, customers require solutions that are scalable and robust. This is vital especially in the case of marketing where newsletters and special campaigns are addressed to millions of customers through communication channels like e-mail or SMS.

With the inclusion of the ability to create marketing prospects, list management is now high-volume enabled.


  • Mapping Formats in ELM

    You need to maintain a mapping format to map data while maintaining external lists. The external list can be mapped directly to the business partner or marketing prospect master record. For more information, see Mapping Fields and Mapping Rules.

  • Maintaining External Lists

    For more information, see External Lists in SAP CRM.

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