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Function documentationSegmentation with High Data Volume


If you are carrying out segmentation for a high data volume (approximately 500,000 business partners or more), special functions for segmenting a large number of business partners as well as a separate user interface are available (you can access this via Start of the navigation path Marketing Next navigation stepHigh Volume Segments End of the navigation path).

Note that for modeling business partners with relationships and for segmenting objects or products, you must use the normal graphical modeler.


You have installed SAP NetWeaver Search and Classification (TREX).


  • Graphical modeling for high data volume

    The graphical modeling is performed in steps and is visualized in the form of a hierarchically arranged tree structure. The symbols show you which actions have been performed during the modeling.

    When creating target groups, you can define the target group without generating it. It is possible to define a target group in the segmentation model but to generate the target group at a later point in time or to generate the target group at regular intervals. You can generate several target groups at once by generating the entire segmentation model.

    If you click on a segmentation model, segment, or target group in the Segment column of the search result, you navigate automatically to the graphical modeling interface. If you click on the description, you navigate to the respective overview page.

  • Terminology

    There are some terminology differences between segmentation with normal volume and segmentation with high data volume:

    • Segmentation model

      A group of segments and/or target groups that were modeled together or that are to be interpreted together, for example, because they are all connected to a particular marketing campaign.

      A segmentation model can be based on a segmentation basis.

      A segmentation model is a hierarchical structure containing one or more branches and is read and processed from top to bottom.

      The segmentation model corresponds to the profile set in segmentation with normal data volume, although the segmentation model also saves each modeling step. Note that you cannot use an existing profile set in the modeling for high data volume.

    • Segment

      The logical description of a number of business partners using filters (attributes and attribute values) and modeling actions. The segment contains the criteria according to which the business partners are to be selected and subsequently combined in target groups. A segment is one branch of the segmentation model when read from top to bottom.

      The segment corresponds to the profile in segmentation with normal data volume.

    • Segmentation basis

      The segmentation basis is not a static list of business partners but rather a combination of filters, which can be modeled and saved just like a segment. This ensures that when modeling target groups you do not work with an outdated list of business partners as your segmentation basis but rather the number of currently available business partners is restricted for the user by using filters.

  • Attribute lists with the category High Volume Segmentation

    When segmenting a high data volume, you can only use attribute lists with the category High Volume Segmentation.

  • File-based segmentation

    If you are working with a data volume of more than 500,000 business partners and, for example, would like to use comprehensive data from SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse as the basis for the segmentation, you should create a CSV file and make it available for segmentation as a data source with the origin type File Import. You can also use an externally created CSV file as a data source. For more information about the exact procedure, see File-Based Segmentation.

  • Delta handling for attributes with fast find

    When performing business partner segmentation for a very large number of business partners, you do not want to have to load the business partner data and related marketing attributes to SAP NetWeaver Search and Classification (TREX) each time. Once you have performed the intial upload, the delta handling function enables you to upload only the modified data to the TREX server at regular intervals (or triggered manually). For more information, see Delta Handling for Attributes with Fast Find.


You access the interface for segmentation with high data volume and its functions via Start of the navigation path Marketing Next navigation stepHigh Volume Segments End of the navigation path.

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