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Function documentation Replicating ERP Customer Hierarchies to SAP CRM 


This function enables you to replicate ERP customer hierarchies (that you created in SAP ECC to use for pricing or other business processes) to SAP CRM as CRM account hierarchies. After replication you can use the same hierarchy for pricing and other business processes in both SAP CRM and SAP ECC.


Before you create a CRM account hierarchy from an ERP customer hierarchy, you first have to:

  Perform an initial load of the necessary Customizing settings from SAP ECC to SAP CRM.

Use the initial load in CRM (transaction R3AS) in CRM Middleware and the Customizing object DNL_CUST_THIT.

  Map the ERP customer hierarchy categories to the CRM account hierarchies.

For more information about mapping, see in the Implementation Guide (IMG) Customer Relationship Management Master Data Business Partner Account Hierarchy Data Exchange of ERP Customer Hierarchies with SAP CRM Assign ERP Customer Hierarchy Type to CRM Hierarchy Category.

  Download the ERP table KNVH (customer hierarchies) to SAP CRM.

Use the initial load in SAP CRM (transaction R3AS) with the business object DNL_BUPA_KNVH. A copy of the ERP table KNVH is replicated to SAP CRM to create the account hierarchy from it.


When creating a CRM account hierarchy from the local copy of the ERP table KNVH, each ERP customer hierarchy category which has been assigned to a CRM hierarchy category in Customizing is included. The ERP customer hierarchies selected are combined in a single hierarchy tree, where each main node corresponds to an ERP customer hierarchy type, which can be displayed separately on the Account Hierarchy page.

Once the creation of the account hierarchy has been successfully completed, the system activates continuous data exchange (delta load) between SAP ECC and SAP CRM for each ERP customer hierarchy type which has been assigned to a CRM account hierarchy category in Customizing.


Start the creation of account hierarchies in SAP CRM using transaction BPH_DNL. The system creates an account hierarchy and activates the delta load for it.