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Function documentationSerial Number Entry in Service Confirmations


You can use this function to enter serial numbers for service parts in service confirmations and update inventory management in SAP ERP Central Component (SAP ECC). The system validates the serial numbers that you enter.

Serial number entry is possible in the CRM WebClient UI and in mobile service.


  • You have either entered the serial number information in the product master, or you have replicated the material master data from SAP ECC to SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM).

    In the CRM WebClient UI, the field Serial No. Processing ID is available for entering and displaying serial numbers.

    Possible values include:

    • 0 – Default value

    • 1 – Entries possible, but no check against master data

    • 2 – Check object in CRM

    • 3 – Check object and serial number in CRM

    • 4 – Check for serial number in SAP ECC

      Note Note

      To activate the field for use (set type CRM_SERIALNUM, attribute SERIALNO_PROCESSING), you can use SAP Note 824780.

      End of the note.
  • To improve performance during validation of the specified serial numbers by comparing them with the serial numbers in the system, we recommend creating an index for fields TYPE_OBJECT and SERIAL_NUMBER for the CRMD_SRV_REFOBJ table.


Maintaining Serial Number Information

The serial number information indicates whether serial numbers are relevant for a certain product, and how a serial number created in a document should be validated.

You can use the field Serial No. Processing ID on the CRM WebClient user interface to enter serial number information.

You can also get the serial number information by replicating the material master data from SAP ECC to SAP CRM (function CRS_SERIAL_PROFIL_DETERMINE). A material is serial number-relevant if a serial number profile is defined at plant level in SAP ECC, and the goods movement requires a serial number to be entered.

You can change the replicated information in SAP CRM, if necessary.

The serial number information is replicated from SAP CRM to the mobile client as part of the product master data.

Maintaining Serial Numbers

You have the following options for maintaining serial numbers:

Entering Serial Numbers in the Service Confirmation in SAP CRM
  • For service parts in service confirmations in the CRM WebClient UI, you can enter serial numbers manually. In the general data for the service part item, the Serial Number field is available for this purpose. If the quantity you entered for a service part is greater than one, you can enter other serial numbers in the Reference Objects assignment block by using Edit List.

  • You can enter serial numbers for service confirmations manually using the mobile client.

Checking the Serial Numbers Entered in the Documents

The checks available in the standard system are listed below. You can use the Business Add-In (BAdI) BAdI: Check Reference Objects (CRM_SERVICE_OS_BADI) to tailor these checks to your needs.

You can find this BAdI in Customizing for Customer Relationship Management by choosing    Transactions  Settings for Sales Transactions  Business Add-Ins  .

  • As you enter the service part, depending on the value in field Serial No. Processing ID, the system checks whether serial numbers can be entered or must be entered:

    • 0: It is not possible to enter serial numbers; the entry field is not available for input.

    • 1: Serial number entry is allowed.

    • 2, 3 and 4: Serial number entry is required.

  • After the serial number is entered, the system ensures that the product is not changed any more.

  • Quantity check:

    The system checks whether the service part item quantity agrees with the number of serial numbers that were entered.

  • Duplicate check

    The system checks to make sure that the same serial number was not already entered in the same document.

  • Accuracy check:

    Depending on Customizing in the product master (field Serial No. Processing ID), the existence of serial numbers is checked as follows:

    • 0: No checks

    • 1: No master data or quantity checks

    • 2: Check whether serial number exists in SAP CRM in an object.

    • 3: Check according to points 2 and 4.

    • 4: Check the serial numbers that were entered against the serial numbers recorded in SAP ECC

      The system checks whether the service part with the serial number that was entered is in stock. This depends on the plant and storage location (plant storage area, consignment stock at customer site, consignment stock of the service representative).

Serial Number Replication from SAP CRM to SAP ECC

After the service confirmation is saved (status Completed), the system transfers the service confirmation with the service parts, quantities, and corresponding serial numbers to SAP ECC and triggers goods issue and material posting for the service parts.