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Component documentationSAP Business Planning and Consolidation


SAP Business Planning and Consolidation, version for SAP NetWeaver is a robust planning and consolidation application that can meet all of your budgeting, planning, consolidation, and reporting requirements. It supports the full array of top-down and bottom-up financial and operational planning needs as well as consolidation processes necessary to ensure the smoothest, most timely financial close possible — all through a single application. As a result, you gain the confidence to meet increasingly stringent regulations and reporting requirements across the globe.

The SAP Library documentation for Business Planning and Consolidation includes:

  • Getting Started — Provides information on starting the system and contains introductory topics on the Business Planning and Consolidation interfaces.

  • Administration — Provides instructions for administrators about setting up and maintaining BPC applications.

  • Data Manager — Provides instructions about moving data into and out of BPC, and about copying and moving data within and across applications.

  • Reports and Input Schedules — Provides instructions about building, distributing, and publishing reports, and about collecting data and submitting it to the database using input schedules.

  • Journals — Provides information about creating and posting journal entries to adjust data in the database.

  • Functions Reference — Provides reference information on using the Business Planning and Consolidation functions in your reports and input schedules.

  • System Reports— Provides instructions on creating system reports, such as security, audit, Business Process Flow, and journal reports.

  • Server Manager — Provides instructions about monitoring and maintaining a Business Planning and Consolidation server.