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You use this component of SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC) to access My Settings and the Content Library and Live Reporting components.


Since this component is entirely web-based, it is not necessary to install the BPC client components to use BPC Web. As such, you can access BPC Web by accessing the BPC URL directly (http://<server name>/osoft), then choosing BPC Web.

If the BPC client components are installed, you can start BPC Web from the BPC Launch page by choosing BPC Web. Alternatively, you can start BPC Web from another BPC component (for example, BPC for Office or BPC Administration).


BPC Web provides the following features:

  • Change the language in which you see the BPC Web interface text and messages, as well as member descriptions in BPC for Office. See My Settings.

  • Share and access files such as Microsoft Office documents, HTML files, text files, images, and report files. See Content Library.

  • Post web pages. See Content Library.

  • Access existing reports and create new reports. See Live Reporting.

  • Submit and retrieve text commentary associated with BPC data cells or other BPC unstructured data elements. See Comments.