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Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC) Administration is a tool that allows administrators to perform setup and maintenance tasks for BPC client applications.


You can access BPC Administration by going to http://<server>/osoft and choosing BPC Administration. Select one of the appsets for which you have administrative rights. You can use the Connection Wizard to refresh the list of appsets, if necessary.

Admin Console tasks

Admin Console tasks consist of the following:

  • Security management

  • Application set management

  • Application management

  • Dimension management

  • Business rule management

  • Work status setup

  • Journals management

  • Script logic management

Web Admin tasks

The following Web Admin tasks allow you to control application set and application properties, and maintain BPC Web:

  • Application set parameter setup

  • Application parameter setup

  • Document type management

  • Document subtype management

  • Activity audit management

  • Data audit management

Note Note

Timestamps in Business Planning and Consolidation, including but not limited to data package start and end times, posting times in the Content Library, and audit report times, reflect Application server time, not local time.

End of the note.

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