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This graphic is explained in the accompanying text Displaying the Bank Statement History 


The bank statement history shows you when a correspondence request was generated for the creation of a bank statement. You can also display archived correspondence requests.

Once you have connected an optical archive and correspondence has been set up in this archive, you can navigate directly from the bank statement history to the archive to view the correspondence created as a result of a request.

If a correspondence request has not yet been printed (the setting Start Print Immediately was not selected when the bank statement was created), then you can trigger the print job directly from the bank statement history.

Once you have permitted the test printing of bank statements in the correspondence Customizing settings, the requests generated for test prints are also listed in the history. The system triggers a test print request when you create a bank statement in simulation mode. Your Customizing setting in the correspondence type (in the Customizing for Account Management (FS-AM)) determines whether the system does a test print as a result of the request.


It is recommended that you deactivate the test print option in the productive system.


To view created bank statements in an optical archive, you need to do the following:

  You have connected an optical archive.

  You have assigned storage mode Store Only or Print and Store to the dispatch type in the Customizing for Account Management (FS-AM) under Tools ® Print Workbench ® Define Dispatch Control.

  You have ensured that bank statements generated via the interface (Business Programming Interface / BAPI) are placed in the archive. Additional information required to set correspondence in an archive is offered on the interface.




  1.  To display the bank statement history, choose Account Management ® Account ® Bank Statement ® Display Bank Statement History from the SAP Easy Access screen.

  2.  Enter the account identification data and the number of the bank statement agreement for which you want to display the history.
To also display archived correspondence requests in the history, set the Also Display From Archive indicator.

  3.  Choose Execute.
The system displays a list of correspondence requests generated for the corresponding bank statement agreement.

  4.  To look at bank statements for a correspondence request in the optical archive, select the relevant line and choose the Display Correspondence Archive button.

  5.  To trigger the print for a correspondence request that has not yet been printed, select the relevant line and choose the Print Correspondence, or Print with Changed Parameters button.

  6.  To display the business partner data of the correspondence recipient or the original correspondence recipient, select the relevant line and choose the Display Correspondence Recipient or Display Original Recipient button.

  7.  To display the master data of the corresponding contract, select the relevant line and choose Display Contract.