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BackgroundSAP Banking Services


Caution Caution

The documentation and release information for SAP Banking Services 6.0 contain descriptions of the following two functions for loan products:

  1. Backdated changes for billing

    • Changes to billing-relevant data that affect periods that have already been billed

  2. Reversal for payment plan changes and for the following orders:

    • Capitalization

    • Deferral

    • Extension

    • Waiver

Note that these two functions are not contained in the functional scope of SAP Banking Services 6.0.

End of the caution.

SAP Banking Services comprise both operational and analytical banking applications based on a business process platform. The various applications can communicate with one another by means of Enterprise Services.

SAP Banking Services consist of the following components:


The following overview illustrates the principle of the accounting connection between operational and analytical banking applications:

Connection of operational to analytical banking applications

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text.

Account master data and posting data is sent via XI information messages from the operational system to the analytical system where it is included into the relevant layer (source data layer). In the analytical system the data is valuated and summarized and then sent via XI information messages to the general ledger system.

The connected reporting system extracts data from the general ledger system and details of this data from the analytical system and then carries out reporting.

If you use Account Management (FS-AM) as operational system and Bank Analyzer (FS-BA) as analytical system, the following additional information about the relevant interfaces is available to you:

If you use the Business Partner for Financial Services (FS-BP), see Sending Business Partner Information for more information.