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Object documentation Fixed Characteristics 


A characteristic whose master data and properties are defined by a data element in the core Bank Analyzer system.


An example of a fixed characteristic is the financial transaction ID.


Fixed characteristics are used in the same way as all other characteristics in Bank Analyzer (see General Information About Characteristics).


There are also fixed characteristics that are registered for technical reasons only, as well as fixed characteristics that are simply used as templates for InfoObjects. These fixed characteristics cannot be selected in all application functions. Each application specifies how the technical fixed characteristics are used.

Fixed characteristics and the related data elements are predefined by SAP and shipped in the form of a system table. The system table already contains the fields for the names of the characteristic, data element, and InfoObject. Alternatively, you can define fixed characteristics in Customizing for the Analyzers.

You can register fixed characteristics for specific clients in the core Bank Analyzer system when you run initial configuration in Customizing for Bank Analyzer by choosing Basic Settings ® Run Initial Configuration. The appropriate InfoObject catalog (/BA1/CFIXSAP) and InfoObjects are created in the background in the Tool BW system, provided that an InfoObject has been assigned to the fixed characteristic. The InfoObjects include the predefined prefix namespace /BA1/ (in a few exceptional cases, the prefix is not included).


You can execute the initial configuration run as often as you require – if, for example, you have just upgraded to a new release with new fixed characteristics.

You can display fixed characteristics in the characteristic monitor and in Customizing for Bank Analyzer by choosing Basic Settings ® Characteristics ® Register Characteristics.


From a technical perspective, fixed characteristics are similar to local characteristics in the core Bank Analyzer system, since the information about metadata and master data is read from the predefined data elements in the system. The metadata and master data of the custom characteristics, on the other hand, are read from the InfoObjects of the Tool BW system. However, these differences do not affect how the characteristics can be used.


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