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Äîêóìåíòàöèÿ ïî ôóíêöèÿì Down Payment Monitoring for Purchase Order (Report RM06DPMONITOR) 


You can use this report (transaction ME2DP) to list all the purchase orders in which down payment data is recorded that match your selection criteria, for example purchasing organization and time limits. The status displayed for the listed purchase orders shows you whether down payments have already been made in part or in full.


The term down payment is also used here as a synonym for the down payment request, because this function for a down payment or down payment request supplies the default values for both processes.


From this report, you can go directly to the application for creating and changing down payments on the basis of purchase orders.


Down payment data has been recorded at header or item level in the purchase order.

You have specified at least one due date or period as a parameter for down payments.


You can output the purchase orders with down payment data whose due date has been reached or will be reached soon. Alternatively, you can list the down payments that have already been posted and paid for each purchase order item. The output is a list in SAP List Viewer (ALV) grid control format.


You can narrow it down according to the following purchase order data:

  Document number of purchase order


  Purchasing document type

  Purchasing organization

  Purchasing group

  Document date

You can also specify which down payment category the report is to consider. The due date of the down payment is a required field and the default value is automatically today's date. You can use the due date or a period to restrict the down payment information that is displayed.


This report outputs the following down payment information for each item in each purchase order it finds:

  Status of down payment

The icons show whether the down payment has not yet been posted, or has been posted in part or in full. You can also see whether a down payment is defined at header level in the purchase order, and which items have no down payment data.

  Down payment category

  Down payment percentage

  Down payment amount

  Due date for down payment

  Total of down payments in company code currency

  Total of down payment requests in company code currency

In addition, the system outputs further item data from the purchase order.


You can use the following specific functions from this report:

  Create and change down payments and down payment requests

  Display the purchase order history

  Display purchase order details

  Display general purchase order data (basic list)

  Display account assignment for purchase order (account assignment)

  Display delivery schedule lines for purchase order (delivery schedule lines)

For more information about down payments in purchasing, see Down Payment and Down Payment Request.


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