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Äîêóìåíòàöèÿ ïî ôóíêöèÿì Entering a Valuated Goods Receipt with Multiple Account Assignment 


This function facilitates the distribution of the delivery value at the time of goods receipt for purchase order items with multiple account assignment. When you post the goods receipt, the system distributes the value of the goods receipt item to the individual account assignments. The commitment update also takes place at the time of goods receipt, and the system posts the value for each account assignment item to the GR/IR clearing account.


You have entered a purchase order containing items with multiple account assignment and set the status GR Non-Valuated indicator in the item details.

To enter a goods receipt for a purchase order item with multiple account assignment, you use transaction MIGO or MB01 with one of the following movement types:

  101 Goods receipt for purchase order into warehouse

  122 Return deliveries to vendor

  161 Return for Purchase Order


Distribution of the Delivery Value

When you enter a valuated goods receipt, the system distributes the delivery value to the account assignments, taking into account any partial goods receipts and partial invoices already entered, as well as the purchase order.

You can change this distribution with the Business Add-In (BAdI) MB_ACCOUNTING_DISTRIBUTE, but you cannot change the selected  account assignment category or the account assignments.

Calculation Of Value for Goods Receipt and Postings

The system valuates the delivered quantity with the net purchase order price or the invoice price, depending on whether partial invoices have been received at the time of goods receipt. The value of the goods receipt is posted to the GR/IR clearing account. For materials with a standard price, the system clears any differences by using the price difference account.

For more information about the calculation of value for a goods receipt and the related postings, see the material price change component (MM-IV-MP) under Goods Receipt for Purchase Order and Postings: Goods Receipt for Purchase Order.

Partial Goods Receipt

You define in the purchase order which distribution the system is to propose for a partial goods receipt. You can distribute the value of a partial delivery to the individual account assignments either proportionally or on a progressive fill-up basis. You use the partial invoice indicator on the Account Assignment tab page of the item detail to control distribution in case of a partial delivery for a valuated goods receipt. You can no longer change the value of the partial invoice indicator defined in the purchase order when posting a goods receipt.

For more information about the partial invoice indicator, see Entering Account Assignments.


In the case of overdeliveries, the system first distributes the purchase order quantity to the account assignment items before distributing the overdelivered quantity proportionally to the individual account assignments, according to your specifications in the purchase order.

Cancellations, Return Deliveries, and Returns

If you perform a return delivery or post a return, the system always distributes the value proportionally on the basis of the partial goods receipts posted so far. You can use the BAdI MB_ACCOUNTING_DISTRIBUTE to change this distribution.

In the case of reversals, the system distributes the value according to the specifications in the material document to be reversed.

Multiple Account Assignment in Different Currencies

You can enter purchase orders, goods receipts, and invoices in different currencies and assign them to multiple accounts.

On goods receipt the system converts amounts at account assignment level into other currencies, and checks whether the sum of the converted account assignment values is the same as the value of the purchase order item. In case of differences, the system rounds account assignment values accordingly.

In Logistics Invoice Verification, the system converts currencies at account assignment level only.

In addition to the exchange rate from document currency to local currency, the system also records two other exchange rates from document currencies to material ledger currencies.


Valuated goods receipts with multiple account assignments are not supported in the subcontracting process.

Valuated goods receipts with multiple account assignments are not supported into blocked stock (movement type 107) or from blocked stock (movement type 109).



You can use multiple account assignment and valuated goods receipt when creating purchase requisitions and purchase orders for items of item category Standard and Service. With items of category Standard, you can order materials with or without a material number, which you can describe in more detail in a purchase order text.

For more information about valuated goods receipts for service items, see Account Assignment in the Case of Services.

To plan a valuated goods receipt for a purchase requisition item or purchase order item with multiple account assignment, remove the GR Non-Valued indicator in the item details. This indicator is on the Valuation tab page in purchase requisition items, and on the Delivery tab page in purchase order items. You can only change the indicator if you have not entered a goods receipt.


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