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Function documentationUsed Prenumbered Forms Report


This report enables you to display a list of prenumbered invoices that you have already used. From this list, you can void used prenumbered forms, make changes to the forms, and access additional information.


  1. On the SAP Easy Access screen, choose   Logistics  Sales and Distribution  Billing  Output  Used Prenumbered Forms Report  .

  2. Enter the company code and the issue/void date.

  3. In the Selection group box, specify which types of prenumbered forms you want.

  4. In the Prenumbered invoices group box, fill out the tabs as follows:

    • General Selections

      Prenumbered documents are selected by official lot number, lot number, book number, official document number, and form type, for example.

    • FI Documents for Valid Invoices

      Entries only apply to prenumbered documents that contain references to FI documents.

    • Billing Docs for Valid Invoices

      Entries only apply to prenumbered documents that contain references to billing documents.

  5. Choose Execute (Execute).


The system displays a list of used prenumbered forms.

The list contains a column entitled Doc. Stat., which indicates the status of the prenumbered forms by means of traffic lights:

  • Green indicates that the form is valid.

  • Yellow indicates that the form has not been used or that the status is unclear.

  • Red indicates that the form is void.

You now have the following options:

  • Display original billing or accounting documents by double-clicking the values in the Billing doc. or Doc. no. field.

  • Void documents by selecting one or more documents and choosing Void. The system then prompts you to enter a void reason. You can use this function for valid invoices referring to FI or billing documents only. If you void multiple invoices simultaneously, the void information entered applies to all invoices. You can make the documents valid again by choosing Make valid again, for example if you voided a document by mistake.

  • Change information on invalid invoices by selecting one or more invoices and choosing Change invalid invoices. You can change the void reason, the void date, and the remarks. If you change information on several invoices simultaneously, the changes apply to all invoices.

  • Delete information relating to an invoice’s usage by selecting an invoice and choosing Delete invoice information. If an invoice has been recorded in the system as valid and invalid, the system deletes the information relating to the selected status only.

  • Check the consistency of document numbers. By choosing Check consistency, you can make sure that the invoices have been used only once. The system highlights any invoices that have been assigned to more than one document.

  • Link to customizing settings in the Implementation Guide by choosing Document administration. Here you can display or change the Customizing settings for the lots and books of prenumbered invoices.

  • Display the sum of invoice amounts by selecting the relevant column and choosing Display sum.