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Function documentation FERT Generator 


This function lets you use configurable materials in the AFS system.


The FERT generator is based on the variant configuration function in the standard R/3 system. For further information on variant configuration and configurable materials, please see the SAP Library under LO - Logistics general.


General Functionality

The task of the FERT generator during the configuration of a material is to create storable, finished products with their own master records, instead of pure material variants. You can then use them as normal finished products, for example, in sales orders or inventory management.

For background information see also:

Variant Configuration in the AFS System.

To create finished products you must enter a

Reference Material in the system. From this, the system copies the material master data. The reference material must have the same base unit of measure and master grid as the Configurable Material.

Call of the FERT Generator in the Application

There are two options:

  • You can call the FERT generator directly when creating or changing a sales order.
  • You can call the FERT generator manually from the SAP application menu under Logistics -> Sales and Distribution -> AFS Variant Configuration -> Call FERT Generator.

Process Description

As soon as you have valuated a material using the configuration, the system checks whether there is already a finished product for this valuation. If not, the system automatically calls the FERT generator. The FERT generator creates the finished product. The following are assigned to the finished product:

  • The master data of the reference material
  • The characteristics you selected during the characteristic valuation

At the same time the FERT generator assigns the new finished product to the maximum bill of material and the maximum routing of the configurable material.


If you called the FERT generator directly when creating or changing a sales order, the system subsequently replaces the configurable material with the finished product you created using the FERT generator.

Procedure of the FERT Generator - Overview

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text