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Component documentation Implementation Assistant


The Implementation Assistant is a key ASAP navigation tool. It allows you to access the

ASAP Roadmap along with many other tools and accelerators.


  • The Implementation Assistant provides a framework for your implementation project based on the Roadmap, a tree structure that displays work packages, activities, and tasks. The documentation stored at each level of this structure contains recommendations on implementing your SAP System and links to helpful tools, accelerators, and information on SAPNet and the World Wide Web. You can include your own documents, thereby increasing the number of accelerators available.
  • It also helps you to implement a combination of software implementation projects. You can install several flavors (R/3, APO, BW, Business-to-Business Procurement) for the Implementation Roadmap type at the same time. This provides you with a combined Roadmap to guide you through your implementation.
  • You can edit the
  • ASAP Roadmap structure, add customer-specific documents to the tree structure as nodes, rename nodes and set them in scope.
  • In the Implementation Assistant you can view the Roadmap according to:
      • Subject areas - Select this option to display only those texts that are relevant for a specific subject area, such as Organizational Change Management, Quality, Testing, or Authorization.
      • Roles - Select this option to display only those texts relevant to a particular role, such as System Administrator, Training Coordinator, Development Manager or Technical Consultant.
      • Scope - Select this option to display only those nodes that you have set in scope.
    • From the Implementation Assistant, you have several navigation options. You can:
      • Launch the
    Question & Answer database. The questionnaires, forms, and reports in this database will help you carry out the project tasks described in the ASAP Roadmap.
  • Launch the
  • Knowledge Corner , which contains detailed documentation, information on technical tools and Simplification Guides
  • Open the
  • Concept Check Tool , which you can use to check the quality of your implementation project during the first two phases of the Roadmap
  • Display a list of accelerators and texts in the Knowledge Corner in alphabetical order
  • Consult implementation project plans for either six or nine months
  • From a hierarchical list, display the Business Process Procedures that must be carried out in order to complete a particular transaction
  • Consult the ASAP glossary
    • The Find function allows you to search for information contained in the Implementation Assistant. You can search for one specific keyword, for a combination of keywords using connectors, for a particular phrase, or use a wild card
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