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CNPJ number.


The CNPJ number consists of 14 digits, for example, 12.345.678./0001-96. These digits represent three distinct elements:

  • The first eight digits refer to the company registration number assigned to the company by the tax authorities.
  • The next four digits comprise the
business place.
  • The last two digits refer to the check digits, which the system uses to perform automatic checks when you create a customer or vendor master record, to ensure that no invalid numbers are stored in the system.
  • Master Data

    You maintain your customers' and vendors' CNPJ numbers in their master records, on the Control data tab (customers) or on the Control screen (vendors), in the Tax Number 1 field. When you enter your customers' and vendors' CNPJ numbers, you just enter the 14 digits directly – with no spaces, periods, slashes or hyphens.

    You enter the various elements of your own CNPJ number in your company code master data. In Customizing for Financial Accounting (FI), choose Financial Accounting Global Settings ® Company Code ® Enter Global Parameters. Choose Additional details, and enter data as follows:

    • CNPJ Business Place

    Here you enter the business place element that is assigned to your company's headquarters. In most cases, this is 0001. The system requires it to process Accounts Receivable (FI-AR) and Accounts Payable (FI-AP).

    • CNPJ Company Registration No.

    Here you enter your company registration number, which is the same for all business places defined within your company.

    Each combination of company registration number and business place provides a unique CNPJ number; the business place is the level at which reporting must be carried out.

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