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Object documentation  Federal Tax (Infotype 0463) 


The Federal Tax infotype (0463) is the third in a series of four infotypes used to process Canadian taxation in mySAP HR Payroll. These four infotypes are as follows:

·  The Tax Assignment infotype (0461)

·  The Provincial Tax infotype (0462)

·  The Federal Tax infotype (0463)

·  The Additional Tax Data infotype (0464)


Maintenance of a corresponding record in Infotype 0463 is mandatory for every Canadian employee whom you wish to process in mySAP HR Payroll.


The Federal Tax infotype (0463) stores important federal taxation information that is used to calculate federal tax withholding. Information stored on this infotype includes total personal tax credits from the federal Form TD1, estimated remuneration and expenses from Form TD1X, other deductions and credits, and letters of waiver.

Via the Payroll Canada Implementation Guide (IMG), users determine whether the system will apply Option 1 or Option 2 to federal tax calculation. To configure your system accordingly, execute the following step of the Payroll Canada Implementation Guide:

·  Tax ®
Business Add-Ins (BAdIs) for Canadian Tax Infotypes
BAdI: Customer-Specific Setup for Enabling Options 1 and 2

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