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The items in a sales document are divided into one or more schedule lines. These schedule lines differ from each other with respect to date and quantity.

Different control elements are also defined for the schedule lines. For example, for some schedule lines, material requirements planning is not carried out; for other schedule lines, it is carried out. Also goods receipt, not goods issue, is posted for a schedule line defined in a returns document.

The following graphic provides an overview of some of the item categories which are defined in the standard system.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text


Schedule Line Category Control

The various schedule line categories are controlled in different ways:

  • The schedule line AT in inquiries is used only for information.
  • No requirements are transferred and no availability check is carried out for the schedule lines BN and CN.
  • Requirements are transferred and the availability of the material is checked for the schedule lines BP and CP.
  • No stocks are managed for the schedule line categories BT, CT and CX. No goods issue is posted for the categories BT and CT. However, goods issue is posted for CX.
  • The schedule line categories BV and CV are controlled in the same manner as the categories BN and CN. However, requirements can be passed on for analysis purposes.
  • Goods receipt is posted for the schedule line DN in a returns document.
  • The schedule line categories CN, CP, CT, and CV are relevant for delivery; the other schedule line categories are not.

Control Elements for Schedule Line Categories

Different schedule line categories are permitted according to the sales document type and item category you are using. You can use control elements to tailor the schedule line categories to meet the special demands of your installation. You can also define new schedule line categories. Your system administrator is responsible for maintaining the control elements.

The answers to the following questions form the basis for deciding how to define a particular schedule line category:

General data

  • Which fields are relevant for the incompletion log?
    • Should a customer requirement be reported to purchasing or production?
    • Should an availability check be carried out?
    • Is it a schedule line for a returns document?

    Shipping data

    • Is the schedule line relevant for delivery?
      • Should a delivery block be set automatically for the schedule line? A delivery block is appropriate for free of charge deliveries.

      Determining the Schedule Line Category

      The schedule line category depends on the item category of the corresponding item and the material requirements planning type (MRP) of the material. The MRP type of a material is specified in the material master record.

      Schedule line categories are proposed automatically based on values set in the appropriate table. You can make some manual changes to the entries in the sales document but you cannot change everything. When you enter another schedule line category, the system checks whether this category is allowed. For information on which schedule line categories are allowed in each case, see your system administrator.





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