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You can process material components directly in the project planning board using the functions described below.


Gantt Chart

In the Gantt chart, you can execute all functions described in the table. These always apply to the selected WBS element or the selected activity. You cannot select material components directly in the Gantt chart. You can only do this in the component overview.


Menu Path


Create component assignments

Edit ®


See also:

Structure linkCreating Project Objects

Check material availability for the network


® Functions ® Material Availability (Network)

Checks the material availability for all material components in the network that are assigned to the selected WBS element.

See also:

Material Availability Check

Activate purchase requisition/reservation


® Functions ® Activate PurcReq/Resv

Without being affected by the settings in the component overview, you can use this function to activate manual purchase requisitions or reservations for WBS elements.

See also:

Activating Requirements/Reservations

Component Overview

You can carry out other functions for individual components in the component overview. With the exception of the detail screen, which you can also call up by double-clicking the relevant component, you access all the functions from the context menu.

Function/Menu Entry


Available quantity

The system displays the material availability as bars in the component overview.

Availability check

An availability check is carried out for the selected material components.

For more information, see

Material Availability Check.

Detail screen

Opens the component detail screen for the selected material component.

For more information, see

The Component Detail Screen

GR/GI List

Another screen is opened, in which details about material procurement are displayed, for example, for documents (purchase requisitions or reservations) or goods movements.

Explode the bill of material

If the selected material components have a BOM, this is exploded level for level or as a complete structure (multi-level).

For more information, see

Exploding the Bill of Material.

Date overview

If you have maintained the relevant settings for the

date overview in Customizing, the system displays the date overview.


You use this function to assign a material component to another activity in a network.

Create document

You can create a document (document info record or an original) that is assigned to the material component.

Choose a document type that can be assigned to a material component.

For more information, see

Structure linkDocuments.

Document overview

Provides an overview of all documents that are assigned to this material component.


Deletes the material component assignment, however, only if no open procurement documents are available for this material component, such as purchase requisitions or reservations.



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