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The interface between the Warehouse Management system (WMS) and the Production Control of the application component Production Planning (WM-PP interface) ensures direct material staging to the

productions supply areas from the warehouse. The production worker requests the required material manually via the interface. The WMS ensures that production storage bins are available at exactly the right time.


The system automatically updates the production order via the WM-PP interface during processing of the material staging and also takes into account subsequent changes to the production order. For more information, see

Material Staging.

The consumption posting in Inventory Management (MM-IM) for the staged material is fully integrated.


You use

transfer requirements (TRs) as source reference documents in the WM-PP interface. In certain cases, you can also use deliveries as reference documents.
  • You have set up the WM-PP interface in Customizing.
  • You have defined
control cycles for the components to be staged and the production areas.


To avoid stock differences during material staging, we recommend taking the material that is to be staged only from the production storage bins that you have defined for this process. If the material is in another bin, you must take it to the production storage bin.

WMS Prerequisites

  • The assignment of plant and storage location to a warehouse number is clear.
  • The assignment of plant and warehouse number to a storage location is clear.
  • PP Prerequisites

    • At least one activity from the production order has been released.
    • For more information, see
    • Structure linkMaterial Staging.


      Material Staging

      If you request material staging in production in advance, the WMS makes the requested production materials available on time.

      This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

      The system supports the following types of material staging:

      Pick parts

      You can simulate, execute, and display the results of material staging for production.


      You can no longer cancel a material staging, which already exists for a transfer order (TO).

      Goods Receipt from Production

      In the production scheduling profile, you can specify that the system is to automatically post a goods receipt into the warehouse for the finished material on confirmation of the production order. For more information, see

      Goods Receipt from Production.

      Using Handling Units (HUs)

      For information on implementing

      Structure linkHandling Unit Management at the WM-PP interface, see Handling Units in Production Orders and Material Staging of Components with WM.



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