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mySAP HR Management of Global Employees is a comprehensive solution that helps global companies streamline their expatriation and repatriation processes from A to Z according to their specific needs - from the

planning and the preparation of the global assignment, to the global assignment itself and the repatriation – and keep track of global employees throughout the world at any time.

Implementation Considerations

mySAP HR Management of Global Employees is shipped with an implementation guide (IMG) containing detailed instructions on how to configure your system, as well as model entries you can change to meet your company-specific needs. For more information, see the IMG Management of Global Employees.

To implement this component, you must activate it first in your system by performing the activity Activate Management of Global Employees under the section Global Settings.


mySAP HR Management of Global Employees is tightly integrated with the other HR application components such as Personnel Management, Organizational Management, Benefits and Payroll. As a country-independent solution, it can be implemented in any country supported by SAP.

In addition, it can be used in combination with Payroll for Global Employees, which enables you to run payroll either in the home or in the sending country, as well as in the host country. This is, however, not required. You could perfectly run Management of Global Employees without implementing Payroll for Global Employees or vice versa.


mySAP HR Management of Global Employees covers two main areas:

  • The management process, which is split as follows:
Global assignment preparation,
  • Relocation preparation,
  • Assignment activation,
  • Global assignment,
  • Repatriation or move to a new assignment.
    • The payroll process, which enables you to pay your global employees in their respective countries and eliminates dual taxation.


    You can automate the related processes by means of workflows. However, the SAP system does not ship any templates at this time.


    mySAP HR Management of Global Employees is the ideal component for keeping track of and streamline international assignments within a global company.

    Thomas Klein works as a senior engineer in Germany and is asked to support the new team in the US subsidiary for a period of one year. He is willing to accept the assignment, provided that his wife and children can join him for the whole duration of the global assignment.

    During the preparation phase, the responsible HR department and the host-based manager negociate the duration of the assignment and the compensation package offer with Thomas Klein, whereafter all the necessary information is collected, various application processes are started (visa, work and residence permits) and intercultural and language trainings are booked to make the transition as smooth as possible. In parallel, housing and schooling are also provided.

    Once all the information has been collected and the compensation package offer has been accepted by both parties, the assignment is activated and Thomas Klein starts working for the US subsidiary with local terms of employment and reports to his host manager. However, he still pays social insurance contributions in Germany, which are calculated in the German payroll system, transferred to the US payroll and then deducted from his remuneration.

    Shortly before the end of the assignment, Thomas Klein’s home manager has to find a new position for him or might even send him on a new assignment.

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