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To set a delivery block at schedule line level which also blocks or defers the confirmation of order quantities, proceed as follows:

  1. Select Overview
® Shipping on the initial entry screen of the sales order.

You reach the Overview - Shipping Data screen.

  • Enter a block which blocks or defers order quantity confirmations in the Delivery block field.
  • Remember the differences between a delivery block at schedule line level and a delivery at header level (business data):

    For the delivery block at header level, the delivery type must be set in Customizing. The delivery block at schedule line level, however, is activated as soon as you enter it.


    If you want to see what would have been confirmed on the basis of the availability check if no delivery block with confirmation block had been set, select the relevant order items before you save the sales order and then select Item

    ® Schedule lines. As soon as you save the sales order, all order quantities which have been confirmed by the availability check are reset to zero.

    Removing a Delivery Block

    If you remove the delivery block or replace it with another delivery block which does not block confirmations, the system automatically performs a new availability check and confirms the available order quantities.




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