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If you donít want to derive the status from the document flow in SD, you set the status for the sales order item manually or automatically.


Setting the Status Manually

To set the status for a sales order item manually:

  1. Choose Logistics ® Sales and Distribution ® Sales ® Order ® Change.
  2. The screen Change Sales Order: Initial Screen appears.

  3. Enter the sales order number and choose ENTER.
  4. The screen Change Standard Order: Overview appears.

  5. Select the sales order item and choose Goto ® Item ® Status.
  6. The screen Change Standard Order: Item Data appears.

  7. Choose Maintain for the system status.
  8. The dialog box Change System Status appears.

  9. Set the status.

Setting the Status Automatically

In collective processing you can set the status for sales order items that meet particular criteria. Use report program SAPKKA12 for this purpose.



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