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You can use the component backflush (also goods issue backflush) to carry out the following business functions:

  • Posting excess component consumption / scrap.
  • Processing the component backflush subsequently if, in the
Repetitive Manufacturing Profile, you have separated the goods receipt and the goods issue postings using the indicator GR and GI.


Using the component or activity backflush, you can post components or activities separately.

The separated component and activity backflush is only possible with make-to-stock repetitive manufacturing.

If you want to backflush finished products and, at the same time, components and activities, switch to the assembly backflush.


You must create a product cost collector.


The following functions are included in the standard version of the goods issue backflush:

  • The system posts the goods issue.
  • The system determines the components by exploding the current BOM, the revision level BOM, or the planned order BOM.
  • The system reduces the planned orders or the run schedule quantities according to the logic set in Customizing for Repetitive Manufacturing.
  • The system updates the statistics for the Logistics Information System (LIS).
  • The system creates individual documents for each posting as well as a full document.


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